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A summer breakfast in the middle of winter…YUM!

27 Feb

I am nearing my graduation date in April and I couldn’t be happier except when I get screwed over by winter weather. I unfortunately am home missing a lesson because I couldn’t get out of my road due to ice. Not to mention I live an hour and fifteen minutes away from my school. So to cheer me up (because the winter blues are killing me) I decided to make a breakfast to give me summer dreams. So here is my recipe for scrambled eggs with scallion and sun dried tomatoes. Mmmmmmmmm……

Sun dried tomato and Scallion Scrambled Eggs

1 whole egg and two eggs whites

5 small sun dried tomatoes, or more if you wish

Handful of fresh chopped scallions

Cheese of your choice as much as you wish (I had some sharp American on hand so that’s what I used)

Some type of bread (It was delicious on an English muffin)

     Add a little bit of olive oil in a pan and heat for a minute or so on medium. Add your eggs to a bowl and beat then add cheese, scallions, and sun dried tomatoes, and mix until just blended. Add your egg mix to the pan and cook while constantly moving the eggs with a spatula until eggs are just firm. Toast up your english muffin and top with your scrambled eggs and enjoy. Serves 1.

Yummy summer inspired breakfast

Yummy summer inspired breakfast


What to do on a snowy winter day in? Learn/Practice how to draw!!!

28 Jan

I love to draw actually I love all art forms. I have been drawing since I was young and have experimented with pencil, pen, marker, pastels, paints, and more. So when I went searching on the almighty Youtube for drawing tutorials I discovered one awesome channel. The Shoo Rayner Drawing Channel! Shoo Rayner is and English illustrator who has some awesome tutorials on YT and his own website. You can find tutorials on how to draw castles, haunted houses, snakes, expressions, animals, popstars, and the list goes on and on. He has a fun and positive attitude that really makes drawing something challenging fun. So when the weather gets you down pick yourself up with some cool drawing tutorials. I will have another post for you guys shortly but for now I have a test to study for. Talk to you all soon!!!—CMY

The weather outside :(

The weather outside 😦

Photo of a tree I drew from one of Shoo's tutorials.

72 styles of eyes from the Shoo Rayner Drawing Channel. Some fun doodling in my future.

72 styles of eyes from the Shoo Rayner Drawing Channel. Some fun doodling in my future.

LINK TO THE SHOO RAYNER DRAWING CHANNEL:http://www.youtube.com/user/ShooRaynerDrawing

LINK TO HIS WEBSITE: http://www.shoorayner.com/

FOR MANGA LOVERS, LINK TO MARK CRILLEY’S CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/user/markcrilley/featured



TGIF! I will have a post for you all this weekend!

25 Jan

TGIF! I will have a post for you all this weekend!

Hey everyone I’m sorry I have been away for so long again but between school, a car that keeps falling apart, and winter weather I have been pretty busy. Good news I am in the advanced portion of my course as an Advanced Skin Esthetician and I can’t wait to tackle some advanced treatments. We did our firts Cocoa Enzyme Peel last week and it was awesome. (Anyone know what an enzyme peel does and how it does it?) I am having a great time and before I know it my graduation will be here! (April 15th) I am planning on a post for this weekend don’t know exactly what it will cover but it should be something fun. Thanks for sticking with Salt Pepper Brilliant even in my absence, 2013 is going to be the best year ever!!!!! <3—-Christina


28 Jan

       I hate winter! Being born in July I love summer and all it has to offer. Summer has the best weather, my birthday ;), and when I was in school summer vacation. What could be better? But I digress; this is about winter and the havoc it causes. While there are many bones I have to pick with winter the worst one is the fact that my skin takes a beating.

       The dryness coupled with the cold is torture, and the creams that are offered at the store are just not cutting it. I have tried lotions, balms, creams, medicated cream I stole from my sister 😉 and still no positive results. I finally remembered that I had a sample of 100% Organic Shea Butter from L’Occitane somewhere in my room. After tearing the place up for 30 minutes I finally found it. This had to help, I prayed it would help. It was thick and cold so I took a small amount and rubbed it between my two fingers to warm it up. Then I spread it all over the back of my alligator skin hand. It was heaven, I felt it soak in and I could actually clench my hand without my skin splitting. (Yes it gets that bad)

       Needless to say I loved it. So I race to my computer to buy the full size of this product. I found it at Sephora and to my horror it is so expensive. For the full 4.9oz it will set me back $39. I was devastated. Looking down at my poor hands I knew I couldn’t give up so I went searching once again and I found two possible places to help me. They are From Nature with Love and the Organic Shea Butter Company.

       From Nature with Love is an excellent and well stocked site. They have everything from oils, butters, exfoliants, clays and muds, and a blog equipped with great recipes. For someone who is into making beauty products at home this site is excellent. They also offer equipment and packaging for your entire beauty product making needs. Not only that they have an organic Shea butter for only $28.80 for 16oz. Yaaay!! Next up is the Organic Shea Butter Company. They offer plain Shea butter and three other Shea butters with the added oils of grape fruit, lavender, and mint. I will stick with the plain butter at only $22.99 per 18oz on sale and $26.98 regular price. I will be on the lookout for more great places, so I will keep you posted. I hope you find this helpful, follow the links below to your perfect moisturizer. —-CMY


100% Organic Shea Butter from L’Occitane $$$


From Nature with Love $$


The Organic Shea Butter Company $

(Other than being able to purchase their butter online you can also find them at Walgreens in the Houston, TX area)


L'Occitane 100% Organic Shea Butter (Photo property of Salt Pepper Brilliant CMY)