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Birthday Haul!

13 Jul

Hobby Lobby Haul

It was my 24th birthday on Wednesday so I went out for a night of fun with my family. we had a great dinner and then went shopping. The above photo shows my Hobby Lobby Haul. I had never been there before because my go to store was always AC Moore but Hobby Lobby is pretty impressive haha. I am totally obsessed with polymer clay charms so of course I had to get some more Sculpey and Premo clay. I also got more eyes pins, and some glass jars to make some more unique charms. I will have more photos of my charms soon.

*****UPDATE:  My favorite local health food store actually has agreed to let me use some of their counter space to sell some of my charms.  All of the profits are actually going to buying supplies for my wellness website and for my dance website. So I hope they do well.*****

Flight 001 Haul

My Flight001 order came the day after my birthday and I was so excited. I purchased a luggage tag, leather passport cover, collapsible cup, collapsible chopsticks, Luxe guide to Seoul SK, and an awesome wetsuit bag set. As I said in my previous post I love travel and hope to one day have the income to be able to experience the world and the people in it. I know I will have my chance soon and my first order from Flight001 gives me great hope.

*****Do you have a place you would love to go to in the world? Please share! :)*****

Flight001and My travel passion

6 Jul

Hey everyone nice to speak to you all once again. I’m working hard developing recipes for my wellness website that I am building. The current recipes are staring alternative flours such as chickpea and soy. Some recipes have come out better than others but hey we’re in the experimentation phase so it’s all good haha. My 24th birthday is coming up on the 10th and I will be celebrating another birthday on SPB and I am really happy about that. When I started this blog is was more about having something to do but then I really began to enjoy creating posts and meeting other WordPress bloggers. Salt Pepper Brilliant has really changed my life for the better and I can’t wait to finally introduce my website to you all.

For my birthday I received an early gift, a gift card for $100 to the travel extravaganza Flight001. For a travel lover like me you can imagine I placed my order pretty much immediately. When I have a little bit of time to myself I read travel books, scan Flight001 for new and exciting travel products, ooh and aah over my most prized possession (below), and sometimes even scan travel sites for rates to my favorite places on earth. The sad thing is though is that financially I have no way of traveling anywhere anytime soon. However, I am optimistic; and know that I will breathe the air, taste the food, and experience the culture and people of my favorite places. Just the prospect of a future of travel makes my stomach flutter with delight.

004 copy

So for me to have my first package from Flight001 on its way to my home is so exciting for me. They have fantastic travel gadgets, luggage and luggage tags, bags, in flight necessities and so much more. I will post my Flight001 haul when my package arrives so we all will have to be patient 😉 .  Below are some of the cool things Flight001 has in store for the modern traveler:

Tag Your Tag Kit

Tag Your Tag Kit

Travel Chopsticks

Travel Chopsticks

Mini Face Towels

Mini Face Towels

World Wide Adapter

World Wide Adapter

Paper Soaps

Paper Soaps

F1 Go Clean Set

First Cool thing of the week!!!

25 Jan

            What are you drinking out of this morning? I am drinking out of this awesome Camden Aquarium travel mug. The trip was summer 2010 and boy did it suck hahaha. The aquarium was great but going at the height of the season was such a big mistake. Don’t do it!! We were visiting our Aunt who we hadn’t seen in a while and we were getting bored. So my Aunt suggested that we go to the aquarium. We were willing to go anywhere just to get out of the house and come on it’s the aquarium, who wouldn’t want to go?

              We get there and we realize that this is going to be anything but fun. It was stroller mania! There were big ones, small ones, three wheeled ones with monster truck tires, and tons of whining and crying toddlers.  Don’t get me wrong kids are great, but too much of anything is always a bad thing. The whole time we were there we had to stay tight to the wall otherwise we would get run over by an angry mom pushing a tank of a stroller. Needless to say we didn’t get to see much.

Finally we made our way to the gift shop and it looked like it had been through an F5 tornado. Stuffed animal sharks, frogs, and fish were flung everywhere. Kids were rolling around on the floor in the fit of an almighty temper tantrum because mom didn’t let them take home ten stuffed frogs. I was ready to run out head covered and screaming, but then this travel mug caught my eye. It was so unique. I have seen travel mugs of all sizes and colors and at best they are bland. This was beautiful blue with colorful marine life all over it and it was the perfect size. I felt like I had found a little piece of awesome in one of the craziest environments. From then on this has been my go to travel mug for on the go mornings. (What’s in this mug this morning? Chock Full O’Nuts and Butter Pecan Creamer…yum!)—-CMY

Do you have a piece of awesome?

              Share it with us!


Camden Aquarium Travel Mug (Property of Salt Pepper Brilliant CMY)