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Super Band Yes Page is Up!

29 Aug

Super Band Yes Page is Up!

Finally the page Super Band YES is finished. Here is a link to the Salt Pepper Brilliant Facebook page where you can see a video I took in 2011 of them. They are performing “Yours is No Disgrace” at Penns Peak in Jim Thorpe, PA. I had such a blast!

Take a look at the page to get some background of YES and of them in my life plus some concert photos.




Pixie is a super star!!!

25 May

Pixie is a super star!!!

For the past few years I have been reading a series of delicious mysteries by an author named Jo Anne Fluke. I now currently have all 15 of her books in her Hannah Swensen mystery series and love every single one of them. Jo Anne combines mystery with the culinary background of her lead character creating books that are as delicious to look at and read. Recipes intermingle with the story giving you excellent inspiration for cold winter nights. Needless to say the combination of baking and murder mystery is a total winner. You are probably asking though, so how does any of this make pixie a super star? Well I will tell you. In the series Hannah Swensen has an orange tabby cat named Moishe who loves to steal the show with his antics. On Jo Anne Fluke’s website she has a page called Moishe and friends where you can submit a photo of your beloved pet and they will be put up on the site. Well I submitted a picture of Pixie and she is up and sitting pretty on the site!!! Yay! So click the link above to find her on Jo Anne’s site, she is towards the bottom.—-Christina