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Buttercrunch Lettuce

25 Feb

Buttercrunch Lettuce

I was originally going to have a book review for the post today but with work and other obligations I didn’t get a chance to finish. So that will be coming soon. This is a photo of buttercrunch lettuce that I grew in my garden last summer. I also grew tomatoes, fennel, herbs, summer squash, and an assortment of hot peppers. This buttercrunch was very good in salads and amazing on turkey club sandwiches.—-CMY


The Bee

10 Feb

The Bee

This is a photo I took early in the morning during the summer of 2011. I noticed a bee flying from flower to flower and realized he was covered in pollen. It was an amazing moment for me since I had always wanted to catch a bee on film covered in pollen and I got my chance. Have any of you gotten some cool insect photography?—-CMY

From My Garden

6 Feb


                 This a photo that I took of one of the many flowers that I had in my garden this past summer. It was a perfect day with perfect light and this flower was ready for its close up haha. I have been battling a cold these past couple of days so my posts are a little slow. However, they will be picking up later on this week. I hope you enjoy this picture as much as I do. Have a wonderful rest of the week!—-CMY (Photograph Property of Salt Pepper Brilliant CMY)

The City Girl Falls for the Country

4 Feb

       When I was finishing up my freshman year in high school, my parents gave me some shocking news. We were moving and not just to another neighborhood in Brooklyn but to northeastern Pennsylvania. After talking about moving to NEPA my entire life my parents were making the leap to change what had been our summer home to our permanent residence.  I was not happy about this move. I would be taken away from my best friends and my independence (since there is no public transportation). Not to mention all of the (hushed voice) nature.

       When living in the city you really aren’t exposed to much of what nature has to offer unless you go to one of the parks. When I did go to Prospect Park in Brooklyn well, I just didn’t like it. There were bugs and grass it was just not for me. I was used to concrete sidewalks with potted plants. When we moved to NEPA, however, it was like moving to the Amazon jungle. There were lots of trees, rocks, grass, and worse lots of bugs. Yet I found that as the years went by I started to let nature into my life.

       I began to slow down to watch some fluffy white clouds roll by. I began to watch the bees pass from flower to flower covered in pollen doing their duty. Then it hit me how unnatural growing up being afraid of nature is. From then on I set out to learn all that I could. I learned about the native animals, plants, and then I began gardening. At first I bought potted herbs from the local store but I wanted to grow more than that. So I set off on an internet search to find my perfect supplier. To my delight I found Burgess Seed and Plant Company. They had everything from seeds to trees. From then on I was hooked and have been learning how to grow and care for vegetables, fruits, and trees.

       I fell in love with the miracle of nature. I fell in love with how from one seed I can get a towering heirloom tomato plant. The first year I bought way too much and most of the plants died. Excitement had gotten the best of me. So I chose some vegetable seeds and a dwarf lime tree the following year. I have had this lime tree for three years now and it began to give me limes last summer. Even if you live in the city I suggest you get some seeds you can easily raise a tomato plant indoors and a dwarf lime, lemon, or orange tree would do well as well. Just bring the tree indoors during the winter, and let it get full sun and fresh air during the summer and it will be fine.

So check this site out and explore. Something is bound to catch your eye.


Citrus Collection


This whole winter season I will be posting photos of my NEPA summers to keep the warmth alive 🙂



Brugess Seed and Plant Co. 2012 Catalogue (Photo property of Salt Pepper Brilliant CMY)