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Pictures from a Beautiful Week: Beautiful Weather

30 Jun

Pictures from a Beautiful Week: Beautiful Weather

It was a gorgeous summer day. Perfect for work, play and everything in between. This summer we have a few summer projects to get done but there is also plenty of time for fun. We love to go swimming, have cookouts, play volleyball, and much more. There will be more pictures to come, so stay tuned 🙂 —-CMY


Flower from My Garden

2 Jun

Flower from My Garden

This is a nice close up shot of a flower from my garden that I took last year. I love going on walks with my camera and experiencing nature up close. This summer I hope to get some more photos of flowers but what I really hope to get lucky with are close ups of insects. They are so difficult to shoot because they always want to fly away, haha. So fingers crossed for an exciting summer.—-CMY


Another Photo from My Garden

21 Feb

Another Photo from My Garden

During the summer (2011) I love taking pictures of flowers in my garden during the early morning hours. The light is warm and there is still dew on the leaves and petals of each plant. Nothing beats summer. Everything is in bloom, birds are singing, and it is the perfect season for photography ;)—-CMY


Little Rock

17 Feb

Little Rock

This is a photo of a baby cottontail rabbit I took the summer of 2011 in NEPA. I watched this tough little guy grow up in my front yard. We named him Little Rock because he was very protective of his mother and would chase away any male rabbits. Even if the rabbits were twice his size! He wasn’t intimidated by me and actually let me get within five feet of him and his meal of yummy grass. He now is a fully grown adult who still lets me get close to him. He is a special little guy.—-CMY