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Guess who is a new Graduate?!!!!

20 Apr

On thursday April 18th, 2013  I received my diploma in Professional Skin Esthetics and I am so happy! This week has been non stop action and a well deserved rest is in order. I tried to keep up with this blog while in school but it was pretty difficult. I am hoping to slowly get back to this blog because I really love this type of outlet and love interacting with SPB’s followers. I am also considering doing a skin care blog as well so this could be pretty exciting. Coming up next are my theory and practical state board exams in order to get my Esthetics License and then I will be set. Thanks to all who follow this blog that I love so much, lets welcome spring and summer together—-Love Christina

Zucchini and Feta Breakfast Scramble

16 Jul

Yesterday my mother and her friend decided to go to Brighton in Brooklyn to go to the Russian market for some goodies. Usually my family and I go to Astoria Queens to the Greek market for some goodies but this was just as exciting. Last night while I was looking over the delicious conquest I dreamt of a delicious breakfast. I would use the zucchini that my neighbor grew for me with the new delicious brined Bulgarian feta in a scramble that would boggle the mind. All I can say is yum!

Zucchini and Feta Scramble

½ c chopped Zucchini

1 small onion thinly sliced

1 egg and 2 egg whites

Dried oregano

Dried thyme

Feta Cheese



          Heat a small non stick pan on medium heat with a little olive oil in it. Then chop and slice your zucchini and onions and add to the pan. Add salt, pepper, thyme, and oregano to your vegetables and toss. Cook your vegetables till they just begin to look translucent. Add your already beaten eggs over the vegetables and scramble your ingredients together with your spatula. Cook just until eggs firm up and then take of f the fire and plate. Your vegetables will be tender with just a slight crispness to them. Top your scramble with crumbled feta, fresh cracked pepper, and an olive. This is excellent with toast, and a cup of coffee with hazelnut cream. Cheers!

Feta Cheese Break Down

  • American Feta- Dry not heavy on the salt has somewhat of a chalky texture to it. Definitely could use with a salt water brine. For me a last resort feta. It is best for Tiropites because it gets moisture from the cottage cheese in the recipe. My father actually creates salt brine and soaks the feta in it. It improves it but even then it is still not my favorite.
  • Bulgarian Feta- (What I used for this scramble) Soft and spongy texture, salt water brined and stored, nice salt content. If I don’t have Greek Feta on hand this is the next best thing.
  • Greek Feta- (What I always use) There are two types cooking grade and table grade feta. Cooking grade is akin to the American feta in some ways. It holds up better to the heat of cooking and adds nice texture and flavor to dishes such as Spanakopita (Spinach pie) and Tiropites (Cheese pie). It is on the dry side as well. Table feta is the king. It is a salt brined cheese that when brought home it is still swimming in this delectable brine. It is dense yet not hard, creamy yet not mushy, salty yet not over powering, and most importantly it has tanginess to it. It is excellent alone with some crusty bread, olives, and pickled vegetables. In my house people guard it with their lives, haha.


DIY:Something Old Into Something New

16 Jun

It’s the new season and your home looks like it needs some freshening up style wise. Unfortunately for you, you are on a serious budget. What do you do? Why you breathe new life into some old items in your home. Before you know it your house has been transformed into a new and improved paradise. But best of all you save some green. So what are you waiting for? Get to DIY-ing!

Project 1: Sea Shell Box


  • Wooden box
  • Plastic Gloves (Optional)
  • Paint brushes of assorted sizes
  • Non Toxic Craft paint ( In my case by PLAID in Laguna and White for mixing)
  • Sheet of copper foil
  • Sea Shells, Beads, Fresh Water Pearls, etc.
  • Glue gun
  • Mod Podge
  1. Make sure your box is clean before you begin to paint then begin to mix your colors until you reach your desired shade.
  2. Begin to paint your box one side at a time. The great thing about this paint is that it dries quickly so even though you will need a few coats to reach the right opacity it will not take you all day.  Let your box fully dry before you begin the next step.
  3. Take your copper foil and cut it to your desired size.  Add a layer of Mod Podge to the foil and box. Firmly press the foil in place and let it dry. Then use the glue gun on the corners of the copper foil to keep it in place.
  4. Now it’s time to select your sea shells. Be careful not to stab your foil because it dents easily and will not iron out. Then add some glue to the bottoms of your selected shells and glue in place. I chose a large shell for the center so it can be a knob, which makes it stylish and functional.

I hope this inspired you to do some DIY projects on some old items in your home. Who needs to buy something new when you can spruce up an old friend? So take some time to get creative. Happy DIY-ing!!!