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Happy Birthday Dad! Love you!

29 Apr

Today is my father’s 53rd Birthday! My parents have been married for 32 years now and the love and respect between the two of them is still as strong as ever. I hope that one day when I find the right person I am blessed enough to have a relationship as true and as long-lasting as my parents. This photo below was taken last year on my mother’s 54th birthday but they haven’t changed in appearance one bit. Again Happy Birthday Dad!—-Your Peanut ❤

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Review of Advanced Copy of Wife 22: A Novel

4 Apr

Wife 22: A NovelWife 22: A Novel by Melanie Gideon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I won this Advanced Readers Copy from Goodreads and when I entered the giveaway I though this book would be good. From the synopsis you couldn’t tell that inside of these pages was a book that would blow my mind. This book was compared to Bridget Jones Diary and I Just Don’t Know How She Does It to be honest I haven’t read either of those books. So needless to say I had no idea what to expect. From the moment I finished the first chapter I knew that this book was special. I loved the characters and I hated them. I wanted to shake the main character and knock sense into her. At the same time I wanted to hold her hand and tell her that it was going to be ok. I wanted to yell at her kids for being so reckless. I felt all of these emotions because I was sucked into this family. I love Melanie Gideon’s strong writing voice. She is both hilarious and beautifully serious at the same time. ‘The deeper pleasures of leaving and returning’ is one of my favorite lines from this book. It rings true for our fast paced and technology obsessed society. I was able to invision Alice twisting her ankle on a pine cone and falling into a bed of leaves in the middle of the road. It gave me an excellent laugh and everytime I think of it I have a giggle to myself. ***SPOILER ALERT*** I also was able to deduce that Researcher 101 was actually Alice’s husband the night she was supposed to meet him at Tea & Circumstances. So from that point on I was practically jumping up and down while reading the book. Needless to say I loved this book. When I finished I cradled this book close to my heart and knew that it was even more than special. Only books of great importance to me get that treatment and I know I have found my book of 2012. All I can say is Thank You Melanie Gideon for writing such an amazing book.

***Sad News I just found out that movie rights have been sold for this book. I am so dissapointed. Melanie and this amazing book do deserve all the success in the world but Hollywierd has no respect for good books. I hope Andrew Davidson’s book The Gargoyle doesn’t follow suit. It was my book of 2011.***

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