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Little Rock

17 Feb

Little Rock

This is a photo of a baby cottontail rabbit I took the summer of 2011 in NEPA. I watched this tough little guy grow up in my front yard. We named him Little Rock because he was very protective of his mother and would chase away any male rabbits. Even if the rabbits were twice his size! He wasn’t intimidated by me and actually let me get within five feet of him and his meal of yummy grass. He now is a fully grown adult who still lets me get close to him. He is a special little guy.—-CMY


The Single Girls Guide to Having a Happy Valentine’s Day In!

14 Feb

       If you’re a single lady Valentine’s Day is the last day you want to wake up to. Everyone is all mushy gushy and ready to be the epitome of cheesy in love. Well I’m here to tell you it is totally ok to be single on V-Day.  I have a plan so that you can actually enjoy V-Day night without having a significant other. (For all of you with minds in the gutter, no not like that)

Get yourself something sweet…or salty 🙂

I am a chocolate freak and luckily chocolate is in over abundance in cute boxes all across the country. Splurge a bit, I mean it is for you. Who knows what you like better than yourself? Those little mini cakes at Baskin-Robbins look good too. If you like salty instead join the bacon of the month club, haha. Whatever makes you happy get it. It is the first step of your awesome V-Day night in.










Set the mood

Just because you are alone without anyone of the opposite sex around; doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to set a romantic mood. Place some candles in your favorite scent around the house. Buy some roses and scatter some petals all over the place. Make your home sexy and intimate to please you. You will feel relaxed and confident in such a beautiful setting.











Get pretty with it!

Pamper yourself with a luxurious bath, and then get your pretty on. If you have a favorite make up look, go for it. This is the perfect time to put your hair in rollers so you can have big movie star curls. It’s just like when you dress yourself up well to go out only better. This is your time to feel like a queen. Use your most expensive product. Every girl no matter what her income has that one item that she has splurged on; but will rarely use so she doesn’t run out. This is the time to whip it out, you deserve it.










Wear your favorite

Now I collect shoes, pumps to be exact. Not that many because I am a woman on a budget, but shoes make me happy. I don’t have many opportunities to wear them so I usually do these diva nights in every now and then to quench my glamorous thirst. Pull out that bombshell dress and those screaming red pumps. Making yourself feel and look good is the first step to being confident in your own skin. This is crucial on Valentine’s Day since women who find themselves single on February 14th often feel less confident and inadequate. Don’t feel this way ladies.










Grab your best feel good movie

Don’t go for the Notebook or A Walk to Remember type films. These films often make women feel sad that they aren’t in a completely unrealistic but desirable relationship. Go for a film where the heroines are down on their luck but persevere; and in the end they find their knight in shining armor. You will find yourself cheering for the heroine and happy for her when she finally finds the ideal man for her. You might even find some relationship inspiration from the film. (Fingers crossed!)

Invite your best single girlfriends over for a glamorous; sweet treat filled, movie night!

Your best friends are always there for you and when you are all single it only makes for more fun. You can all be dressed to impress, armed with sweet treats, and lots of single lady fun and support. The key here is positivity. No man bashing or bringing up failed and past relationships allowed. It is all about fun, and celebrating your inner and outer beauty. So please ladies and even gentlemen who are single, it is just one day. There are many more in your not so distant future that are ready for love. So have fun and be positive.











Summer Sky

1 Feb

Summer Sky

This is a photo of the summer sky in NEPA. It is always filled with miles and miles of white fluffy clouds. I have an obsession with the sky just like I do with the sea. However, I never really get the chance to enjoy the sea so the sky takes its place for me. This is only one of thousands of sky photos I have. My goal is to be able to make one giant wall in my home a sky photo collage so I can have a piece of heaven right here on earth. Hope your day is wonderful.—-CMY (Photograph Property of Salt Pepper Brilliant CMY)

The weekend means play time!!!

29 Jan

                                 I love the weekend! It’s our time to slow down and enjoy life with family and friends. I especially love the weekends because I can spend some quality time with my dog Pixie. She is my 8 year old chihuahua who is always begging for attention 🙂 I feel bad when I can’t give her the attention she desires and deserves. She is a very special dog who has been with me through some of the worst times in my life. Without her I would have had a hard time getting over the bad and I wouldn’t have had as much fun during the good. So this post is dedicated to my puppy (who is snoring next to me on the couch haha) and all of the other special pets in this world. Love you—-CMY

My Chihuahua Pixie (Property of Salt Papper Brilliant CMY)

Ingredient Spotlight Cinnamon

22 Jan

Ingredient Spotlight: Cinnamon

       Cinnamon has become synonymous with dessert in American cuisine. Adding warmth to a pecan topped sticky bun it both blows my mind and satisfies my sweet tooth. But what do we really know about cinnamon? Yes it is most likely the first thing that people reach for when preparing a luscious dessert; but many cultures around the world turn to the luxurious cinnamon to satisfy the most savory of cravings.

       Complex moles in Mexico take the inner warmth of cinnamon to transform pieces of tough meat into succulent fall off the bone delights. The Vietnamese use the slow releasing qualities of the cinnamon stick to impart the rich beef broth based noodle soup  Pho with a light touch of woodsy allure. Either powdered or whole, cinnamon is one of my favorite spices; it soothes the body and soul to the core.

       However, for my first ingredient spotlight we will not be taking part in creating a complex culinary delight. I will be revisiting the land of my childhood when all I wanted was a good night’s sleep. The inspiration for this post comes from a very tired young girl who hasn’t gotten a full nights rest in quite some time. A twelve year old who can’t seem to get the sand man to come for a sleep over and I was getting worried about her.

       I could barely function on the allotted eight hours of sleep and she was functioning on only four a night. When one evening it hit me, a distant memory that had begun to gather cob webs in my mind had begun to resurface. My grandmother would always give me a warm cup of whole milk and a touch of sugar to soothe the troubled mind. I soon suggested this to my young sister but with one added ingredient, cinnamon.

       I could recall always feeling so relaxed after dining on anything that contained cinnamon. The smell alone triggered visions of warm blankets and soft pillows. This had to help her sleep; at least it couldn’t hurt to try. We warmed up a pot of milk on low heat and added one large cinnamon stick. We then let the milk and the cinnamon infuse until it was just warm enough in temperature. The smell brought a smile of pure happiness to my face. I took my first sip and I knew I was on to something. It was like taking a warm soak after a hard day’s work making all the stress of the day melt away. Only the morning would tell though whether my child hood remedy had succeeded.

       “I slept like a baby”, she says the second she wakes up the next morning. All I can say is that so did I. I felt the tension melt away with every sip giving me the freedom to sleep and dream the night away.  Culinary aficionados these days are so preoccupied with blending complex flavors that they forget how wonderful a singular ingredient can be. So when the sandman stands you up, swirl some cinnamon into warm milk and drift away to dream land.  (P.S Give the sandman a good smack when you see him 😉 —–CMY




Cinnamon (Property of Salt Pepper Brilliant CMY)