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Happy Birthday to my Mom!!!

23 Aug

Happy Birthday to my Mom!!!

Today is my mom Debra’s 54th birthday…I know, she looks great for her age and she is a pretty remarkable woman. She was born and raised in the Bronx and is 100% Puerto Rican (Making me and my sisters 1/2 PR and 1/2 Greek) and is a little spit fire. Strong emphasis on the little she is only 4′ 11″ ( I’m 5′ 3″ thanks mom, haha). She came from a life of poverty and physical abuse thanks to a horrible stepfather and she was able to overcome it all. She was one of the few of her six siblings to attend and graduate college and become a business manager. She managed a very successful bakery in Brooklyn where I pretty much grew up. I have very fond memories of those years in the bakery. My mother is currently a first degree black belt in the Korean Martial Art of Tang Soo Do. She now is also an instructor at the martial arts school she earned her belts in. This year she even attended the World Tournament of the Tang Soo Do Association in North Carolina and walked away with a bronze medal in weapons. She is truly an inspiration to me and keeps me looking forward to all that I can accomplish in the coming years. I LOVE YOU MOM AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Always Cate

31 Jul


On friday the most beautiful person in the whole world, my best friend Catelin passed away after a recurring battle with leukemia at the age of 22. I didn’t even know she was ill because we had fallen out of contact and I found out of her death yesterday. What goes through one’s mind when the person you loved so much is all of a sudden gone? On a day I laughed and joked she was suffering. On a day I felt like my life was heading nowhere she suffered. I’m alive and she isn’t. How I wish I could have known….I wish I was there for her. Instead I have to see her after she lost this most difficult of battles. My lovely Cate. All I can say is that I love you. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. MY BEAUTIFUL BABY MAKE ALL OF THOSE IN HEAVEN HAPPY JUST LIKE YOU MADE ME. YOU ALWAYS MADE ME FEEL LOVED.

*******To all of my followers please go tell the people you love how much you love them and how much they have made your life better. I needed to tell this to you all because we feel that our loved ones will be around forever when tomorrow can be the end. LOVE EACHOTHER EVERYDAY LIKE IT’S YOUR LAST. Today I bought a case of Mike’s Hard Lemonade it was Cate’s favorite. I will be passing them around to people I know and to the one’s I don’t if I get a chance. Feel free to enjoy one too. From Chrissy and Cate ❤ ********