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I’m a dangerous creature…now open your wings!!!

9 Jun

And SNAP!!! I got this shot 🙂


This little guy has been on my screen door all day long. I was trying so hard to get him to open his wings and finally he did. Isn’t he a beauty?—-CMY

*****More polymer clay photos coming soon*****


Pixie Goes Swimming with Friends :)

13 Jul

Pixie Goes Swimming with Friends :)

It has been pretty hot this summer and being furry is not fun in the heat of the day. So Pixie decides to round up some friends and take a swim. Now Pixie ia not a huge fan of the water. She practically cowers in fear if you even mention the word bath. But it was hot, the water was cool, and there were new people swimming in the pool. Pixie begins to doggie paddle to her friend JB and then the funniest thing happens. When JB begins to move back to give Pixie space she climbs upon his chest and uses him like a surf board, hahahaha. It was the cutest thing so we all scrambled for our cameras and cell phones to get a picture of this cute moment.Happy swimming!—-CMY

Birthday Tomorrow!!!

9 Jul

To most tomorrow is just another Tuesday but for me it is my…23rd Birthday!!! Yaaaay for me, haha. I am so excited that this year I actually have the day off. So I have planned an awesome family trip to a place that will remain a mystery until I post photos of the fun day. Have a wonderful week everyone. Adventure here I come!!!—-Christina ❤


Pictures from a Beautiful Week: Floaties Ready!!!

4 Jul

Pictures from a Beautiful Week: Floaties Ready!!!

After an hour or so of bathing in the sun Pixie decides it is too hot to continue. So she rounds up the family and grabs a floaty. It’s swimming time!!! I hope all of you get a chance to go swimming when it’s hot too.—-CMY


Pictures from a Beautiful Week: Pixie Wakes to a Beautiful Day

1 Jul

Pictures from a Beautiful Week: Pixie Wakes to a Beautiful Day

Pixie wakes up to a beautiful day and she can’t wait to go outside. So what to do on a sunny day you say? Why soak up some of that beautiful sun! And that is just what Pixie decides to do on her cute striped towel.—-CMY

The Single Girls Guide to Having a Happy Valentine’s Day In!

14 Feb

       If you’re a single lady Valentine’s Day is the last day you want to wake up to. Everyone is all mushy gushy and ready to be the epitome of cheesy in love. Well I’m here to tell you it is totally ok to be single on V-Day.  I have a plan so that you can actually enjoy V-Day night without having a significant other. (For all of you with minds in the gutter, no not like that)

Get yourself something sweet…or salty 🙂

I am a chocolate freak and luckily chocolate is in over abundance in cute boxes all across the country. Splurge a bit, I mean it is for you. Who knows what you like better than yourself? Those little mini cakes at Baskin-Robbins look good too. If you like salty instead join the bacon of the month club, haha. Whatever makes you happy get it. It is the first step of your awesome V-Day night in.










Set the mood

Just because you are alone without anyone of the opposite sex around; doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to set a romantic mood. Place some candles in your favorite scent around the house. Buy some roses and scatter some petals all over the place. Make your home sexy and intimate to please you. You will feel relaxed and confident in such a beautiful setting.











Get pretty with it!

Pamper yourself with a luxurious bath, and then get your pretty on. If you have a favorite make up look, go for it. This is the perfect time to put your hair in rollers so you can have big movie star curls. It’s just like when you dress yourself up well to go out only better. This is your time to feel like a queen. Use your most expensive product. Every girl no matter what her income has that one item that she has splurged on; but will rarely use so she doesn’t run out. This is the time to whip it out, you deserve it.










Wear your favorite

Now I collect shoes, pumps to be exact. Not that many because I am a woman on a budget, but shoes make me happy. I don’t have many opportunities to wear them so I usually do these diva nights in every now and then to quench my glamorous thirst. Pull out that bombshell dress and those screaming red pumps. Making yourself feel and look good is the first step to being confident in your own skin. This is crucial on Valentine’s Day since women who find themselves single on February 14th often feel less confident and inadequate. Don’t feel this way ladies.










Grab your best feel good movie

Don’t go for the Notebook or A Walk to Remember type films. These films often make women feel sad that they aren’t in a completely unrealistic but desirable relationship. Go for a film where the heroines are down on their luck but persevere; and in the end they find their knight in shining armor. You will find yourself cheering for the heroine and happy for her when she finally finds the ideal man for her. You might even find some relationship inspiration from the film. (Fingers crossed!)

Invite your best single girlfriends over for a glamorous; sweet treat filled, movie night!

Your best friends are always there for you and when you are all single it only makes for more fun. You can all be dressed to impress, armed with sweet treats, and lots of single lady fun and support. The key here is positivity. No man bashing or bringing up failed and past relationships allowed. It is all about fun, and celebrating your inner and outer beauty. So please ladies and even gentlemen who are single, it is just one day. There are many more in your not so distant future that are ready for love. So have fun and be positive.