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Short Book Review

10 Aug

The Deluxe Food Lover's CompanionThe Deluxe Food Lover’s Companion by Sharon Tyler Herbst

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great book! I descovered the Food Lover’s Companion at my neighbors home in her expansive library. It was the smaller older edition but it was wonderful. I would sit there in my free time reading it page by page as if it were a novel and I knew I had to get this book for myself (and a friend who is also crazy for cooking).So when I arrived home I went straight to Amazon and looked it up. To my pleasant surprise the Deluxe was available. I jumped at the chance and ordered one each for me and a friend. It is a hardcover with a sleek jacket, built in ribbon book mark, and gold edged pages. It was gorgeous! Inside is full of definitions, beautiful illustrations, and now in depth glossaries.I particularly love the Apple glossary. For anyone who loves food and the culinary arts this book is a MUST have for your library. So get it! Hahaha

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Review of Advanced Copy of Wife 22: A Novel

4 Apr

Wife 22: A NovelWife 22: A Novel by Melanie Gideon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I won this Advanced Readers Copy from Goodreads and when I entered the giveaway I though this book would be good. From the synopsis you couldn’t tell that inside of these pages was a book that would blow my mind. This book was compared to Bridget Jones Diary and I Just Don’t Know How She Does It to be honest I haven’t read either of those books. So needless to say I had no idea what to expect. From the moment I finished the first chapter I knew that this book was special. I loved the characters and I hated them. I wanted to shake the main character and knock sense into her. At the same time I wanted to hold her hand and tell her that it was going to be ok. I wanted to yell at her kids for being so reckless. I felt all of these emotions because I was sucked into this family. I love Melanie Gideon’s strong writing voice. She is both hilarious and beautifully serious at the same time. ‘The deeper pleasures of leaving and returning’ is one of my favorite lines from this book. It rings true for our fast paced and technology obsessed society. I was able to invision Alice twisting her ankle on a pine cone and falling into a bed of leaves in the middle of the road. It gave me an excellent laugh and everytime I think of it I have a giggle to myself. ***SPOILER ALERT*** I also was able to deduce that Researcher 101 was actually Alice’s husband the night she was supposed to meet him at Tea & Circumstances. So from that point on I was practically jumping up and down while reading the book. Needless to say I loved this book. When I finished I cradled this book close to my heart and knew that it was even more than special. Only books of great importance to me get that treatment and I know I have found my book of 2012. All I can say is Thank You Melanie Gideon for writing such an amazing book.

***Sad News I just found out that movie rights have been sold for this book. I am so dissapointed. Melanie and this amazing book do deserve all the success in the world but Hollywierd has no respect for good books. I hope Andrew Davidson’s book The Gargoyle doesn’t follow suit. It was my book of 2011.***

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The Hungover Cookbook Review

27 Feb

The Book:












                  Now I bought this book just for the novelty of it. I mean a cookbook dedicated to being hungover definitely needed to have a place in my library. However I was also prepared for this book to be a complete waste of my money. From what I knew there had never been a book like this so I had no idea what to expect. When the book arrives I am super surprised at just how great it is. Between the setup, illustrations, visual tests (yes I said visual tests), and recipes this has become one of my favorite books.

       What makes this book so great? Well I’ll tell you:

The Six Types of Hangovers

       The author uses the book The Mating Season by P.G. Wodehouse as a hangover guideline. It determines that there are six types of hangovers from the mild to the most debilitating. They are the Broken Compass, the Sewing Machine, the Comet, the Atomic, the Cement Mixer, and the Gremlin Boogie. Each are given their own time to shine when they are described in detail in the recipes section.








Getting your diagnosis

       So how exactly do you determine what hangover you have? You take a questionnaire and visual test of course! Ugghhh! I know it might sound ridiculous but really it is actually a lot of fun. You will encounter an elephant with what seems to have five legs, a messed up cube, and dots lots of dots. Then you will get a questionnaire about how you feel physically. So where and how does it hurt you? (Groan) At the end of these tests you should be able to determine what type of hangover is plaguing you. This came in handy New Year’s Day when I woke up with what I determined to be the Comet 😉 Oh goody!











The Recipes

       You will start off with the hangover first. Following the hangover and its particular description (and cute illustration) you will find the perfect remedies to cure your sickness. Each recipe is also rated on a scale from easy to never going to happen. This definitely comes in handy when your judgment is well a little less than perfect. The only problem that I had with the recipes was that the ones for the Comet were not exciting enough for me. My Summer Berries Compote with Yogurt sounds horribly boring compared to the Atomic’s Spicy Sausage and Bean Casserole. It seemed like all of the best recipes were for the worst hangovers. I know I can just take a recipe from another chapter but I wanted to eat a meal prescribed for my particular hangover. Oh well I guess. (I don’t care I’m making a casserole!)








                    So over all, this book was really great. It was set up beautifully with funny illustrations and quotes. I liked the simplicity of the cover, the writing style of the author, and the surprise of just how good the book was. Other than that the recipes for my hangover were less than exciting, I have nothing negative to say about this book. If you want a clever, funny, unique cookbook pick up this little gem as soon as possible. You never know when you are going to need it.  Cheers! —-CMY

Rating: 9/10