Pixie Goes Swimming with Friends :)

13 Jul

Pixie Goes Swimming with Friends :)

It has been pretty hot this summer and being furry is not fun in the heat of the day. So Pixie decides to round up some friends and take a swim. Now Pixie ia not a huge fan of the water. She practically cowers in fear if you even mention the word bath. But it was hot, the water was cool, and there were new people swimming in the pool. Pixie begins to doggie paddle to her friend JB and then the funniest thing happens. When JB begins to move back to give Pixie space she climbs upon his chest and uses him like a surf board, hahahaha. It was the cutest thing so we all scrambled for our cameras and cell phones to get a picture of this cute moment.Happy swimming!—-CMY


2 Responses to “Pixie Goes Swimming with Friends :)”

  1. Susie July 16, 2012 at 3:18 pm #

    Darling puppy! As you can see, ours learned to swim last week. Thanks for stopping by my blog – I see you have a Books menu on the side – need to figure out how to add that to mine (perhaps reading the instructions??), I have read several books this summer. Love the feta/zucchini scramble recipe too!

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