First Cool thing of the week!!!

25 Jan

            What are you drinking out of this morning? I am drinking out of this awesome Camden Aquarium travel mug. The trip was summer 2010 and boy did it suck hahaha. The aquarium was great but going at the height of the season was such a big mistake. Don’t do it!! We were visiting our Aunt who we hadn’t seen in a while and we were getting bored. So my Aunt suggested that we go to the aquarium. We were willing to go anywhere just to get out of the house and come on it’s the aquarium, who wouldn’t want to go?

              We get there and we realize that this is going to be anything but fun. It was stroller mania! There were big ones, small ones, three wheeled ones with monster truck tires, and tons of whining and crying toddlers.  Don’t get me wrong kids are great, but too much of anything is always a bad thing. The whole time we were there we had to stay tight to the wall otherwise we would get run over by an angry mom pushing a tank of a stroller. Needless to say we didn’t get to see much.

Finally we made our way to the gift shop and it looked like it had been through an F5 tornado. Stuffed animal sharks, frogs, and fish were flung everywhere. Kids were rolling around on the floor in the fit of an almighty temper tantrum because mom didn’t let them take home ten stuffed frogs. I was ready to run out head covered and screaming, but then this travel mug caught my eye. It was so unique. I have seen travel mugs of all sizes and colors and at best they are bland. This was beautiful blue with colorful marine life all over it and it was the perfect size. I felt like I had found a little piece of awesome in one of the craziest environments. From then on this has been my go to travel mug for on the go mornings. (What’s in this mug this morning? Chock Full O’Nuts and Butter Pecan Creamer…yum!)—-CMY

Do you have a piece of awesome?

              Share it with us!


Camden Aquarium Travel Mug (Property of Salt Pepper Brilliant CMY)




2 Responses to “First Cool thing of the week!!!”

  1. theketchupchronicles January 26, 2012 at 8:16 pm #

    This is the best travel mug i’ve seen! brilliant haha

  2. Christina January 26, 2012 at 10:56 pm #

    Thanks so much, it is pretty brilliant! Haha :p

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